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We’re guilty of it too. All the time, *sigh.* We say our branding is INTENTIONAL. That WE are intentional. This buzz word carries a certain connotation that’s part woo-woo, part look-at-me, a wee bit Christianese, and all wrong. Here’s why…

It’s a waste of time proclaiming we’re something we ought to be. (It’s also a little weasel-y too.)

We craft intentional brand stories. (Duh, I hope they’re not accidental ones—how unprofessional!) OF COURSE, we’re intentional. We put a lot of thought into our work. My sleeves are *LITERALLY* rolled up right now. We aren’t afraid to jump in (often, way over our heads!) and do the HARD WORK it takes to bring a brand to life.

We’re intentional (of course we are!) about our client experience. From discovery to proposal to execution. Our client experience. Our billing practices. Our deliverables. Everything we do is sopping-wet with intentional.

Here’s what we want you to know when we say we’re intentional…

  1. We’re clear on our purpose
  2. We’re focused on our goals
  3. We’re mindful of our relationships
  4. We chose kindness
  5. We do things we’re proud of
  6. We prioritize first things first
  7. We practice joy
  8. We protect our energy
  9. We set healthy boundaries
  10. We over-deliver

Here’s a thought: the next time you’re tempted to use the word, “intentional,” just spell out what you mean. See how people react?

Would love to hear YOUR thoughts. Comment below. ↓



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