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At Hello Story, we're rooted in strategy, led by conviction. We bring brands to life™ with a holistic approach to ensure we communicate who you are as a brand—heart and soul.

a love affair with words

Hello Story

Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do. We believe it's the single greatest connector among us all.

We pair strategy with intuition to craft brilliant brand stories.

Your branding should be as unique as your business, peppered with personality, and stacked with strategies designed to seamlessly integrate with your digital marketing efforts.

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Hello, I'm Carrie.

I'm a storyteller, brand strategist,
founder, and enthusiastic dog petter.

I'm kind of obsessed with telling your story exceedingly well. It's what keeps me up at night—that and bingeing Real Housewives.

I have a heart for beauty—and for those who create it.

It's the ingenious, often fiery side of creatives that gets me. The drive and passion—I love you for it. Your ability to multitask, a million ideas bursting on top of one another like grand finale fireworks. I love your process in dreaming up a space; like me, you're a straight-up storyteller. I admire your ability to pare down a room, a vignette, a concept into this one, just-right thing. You are my people.

And I think I might be yours.

You need someone who gets you and can sort through the scribbled-on sticky notes in your brain. Someone who can pull meaning out of your brand. And put good words to it. (Not to mention brilliant, unforgettable design.) You need an expert in digital marketing strategies, social media dynamics, and stunning, SEO-driven websites. 

Happy news. You're in the right place.

Simplicity is



Branding is about how

you make people feel.


Good design is



The delight

is in the details.



Jesus / Family

Long Weekends

Dogs + Friends /

Work Hard, Live Well 

Chips + Salsa

Balance is a guiding principle in design, and it's how we approach life at Hello Story.

Our studio closes at noon on Fridays to ensure we have lots of downtime recharging and making memories with those we love most.

Cheers (Ivy with a matcha latte; Carrie with a spicy margarita) to a balanced life!

meet the creative director

Hello, I'm Ivy

Social Media Manager, Doodle Enthusiast, Certified Personal Trainer, and a Denver Girl.

Hi everyone! I’m Ivy, the Creative Director and assistant to Hello Story Founder, Carrie Stockdale. I graduated from Baylor University, where I studied Marketing and Corporate Communications and then continued my studies to pursue Holistic Nutrition and Naturopathic healing at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York! 

​My passion for social media management ignited when I started my own small business. I quickly discovered the power of social media and the importance of digital marketing for business growth. I strongly believe social media will remain a valuable marketing tool for your customers and potential clients because it generates brand awareness, increases site traffic, promotes your services and expertise, creates brand credibility and allows millions of users on social platforms to discover YOUR brand, YOUR why, and YOUR story. My mission is to elevate, transform, and grow one-of-a-kind businesses that bring your vision to life across digital platforms!

I am thrilled to be here and excited to bring your brand to life! 

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